The Blow Up & The Fix

So after being broken up with Kade for a little, I started talking to this guy, we’ll call him Adam. There was a football game the next day and Adam had been texting and snap chatting me all day and we had planned that we would see each other the next day at a tailgate before […]

The Break Up (Round 2)

Like I said after the first break up (The Break Up (Round 1)) things were a lot better for a while. But then our old habits started to reappear again. Kade had gone to a concert with his friends and before he left he was in a great mood and kissed me goodbye and said […]

The Break Up (Round 1)

It was a Wednesday night and Kade and I had gotten in a little argument. We had been fighting a lot recently and we were both under a lot of stress. We were trying to fix things and were talking for a while. He asked me if there were any times that I had thought […]

Fake ID

So over the summer 3 of my friends from back home and I decided to invest in some fake IDs. When I got to college they finally arrived at my place I was so excited. I told my brothers about it but one of them snitched on me and told my dad. Luckily he didn’t […]

Aaaaand hello again!

After a long 3 and a half months away from college, my friends, and Kade, I finally got to see them again. It was mid August and I was so fucking excited. It felt weird to be around everyone again and it was strange to be around Kade again after months of texting and FaceTiming it […]

Goodbyes are Hard

After a great first year at college it was time for summer and time for some really hard goodbyes. Saying goodbye to dorm life with all of my new best friends was incredibly hard. But one of the hardest goodbyes was to Kade. We knew it meant 3 and a half months of long distance […]

April Fools!

April 1st was a rollercoaster of emotions for both me and Kade. Everyone knows that April 1st is April Fools Day and you’re supposed to play pranks on people. Minus one event, April 1st was not a good day – for me or for Kade, in fact, we’ve already agreed that no April Fools jokes […]