Once a Savage, Always a Savage

So the weekend had begun and it was a Friday night. Claire, Claire’s little, and I decided that we were going to a frat party that night. The theme was EDM Daughters and Disappointed Fathers. We weren’t super drunk for it, but it was still fun surprisingly enough. I made out with a guy in that frat and grinded on him for a while. He asked for my number and he followed me on insta and added me on snap. He kept asking what I was doing after the party and was asking me if I wanted to go home with him, I just pretended to be to drunk to understand what he was saying. At the same time that was happening, I was getting messages from both Kade and Adam. Kade wanted to “hang out” after the party aka fuck. And Adam asked how the party was and what I was doing after, he was downtown at the bars. When Claire and I got home, Adam ubered to my place and he spent the night, but nothing happened…lame. His friend picked him up in the morning so I didn’t have to drive him home luckily.

The next night, Saturday, there was another frat party going on. It was listed, but one of our good friends is in that frat so he put us on the list. Since we weren’t super drunk the night before, Claire and I decided we would drink more that night. I had 11 shots of vodka, and then when we got to the party, they had jungle juice for everyone. It seriously was the best jungle juice ever, it tasted amazing and hardly tasted like alcohol but got everyone super fucked up. I ended up having 2 and half cup fulls of it. I danced on so many guys and ended up making out with 5 different guys there in that frat. Crossed that one off my bucket list 😉 During this party I had made plans to meet up with Adam. But also during the party and even before the party, Kade kept snap chatting and texting me literally all night asking if I wanted to hang out after the party and spend the night together blah blah blah. He kept asking if I wanted him to come over when we got back. Eventually we got back to our apartment, and Claire and I were at the boys place. Tony was sick and ended up going to the hospital because instead of jungle juice in his solo cup, he filled it with tequila. Anyway, I was super drunk and texting Kade. I told him I was literally downstairs with everyone and he kept asking, do you want me to come over? And I was telling him I was downstairs at his place. So I went to his room and started banging on his door. Once he answered, instead of opening the door and letting me in like he normally would have he opened the door a crack and slipped out and shut his door again. That’s when I knew he had something he didn’t want me to see. So I swung the door open and there was a girl sitting in his bed with a laptop. I literally started laughing. I wasn’t mad that he had a girl over, I could give 2 fucks what he does, but the fact that he kept wanting to hang out and fuck while he had a girl over was beyond fucked up. So drunk me looked at the girl and I said “Oh hi! Just letting you know, Kade is still in love with his ex Sarah, and he was about to ditch you to come and try fuck me, just thought you would wanna know” and then I walked downstairs. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t believe it, he was so desperate. Adam was on his way back from downtown to pick me up and I was gunna go to his place. While Adam was on his way Kade was texting me about how nothing happened and how it was his friends sister and blah blah blah. I told him it was a douche move and that he can’t ask if I want him to come over while he has another girl over. She left their place and I was downstairs and Kade was frantically texting me trying to explain and get me to be okay with him so I would stay the night with him. I was so done with him and his drama and how obsessed he was with me, so I told him I was leaving and he could talk to me tomorrow. He was begging to talk to me, but Adam came just in time. I went back to Adam’s house and spent the night there.

I was still incredibly drunk at Adams, and I told him what happened. I also accidentally told him that I made out with 5 guys at the frat and he got mad about it! I guess I should have seen that coming…but I was drunk and we aren’t dating so who cares? In my mind we can both go do whatever we want like it wouldn’t bother me if he did, but it low-key bothers him that I do. But the next morning he was over it, so it’s okay. The next day I did end up talking with Kade and he agreed that was douchey but that she really was just a friend blah blah blah. He still isn’t over me, but like honestly I don’t blame him. If I was him I wouldn’t be over me either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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