New Year, Same Mistakes

It all started with Annie and I sitting on the couch watching TV…on fucking New Years Eve. There was nothing going on in my town, and we had nothing to do. Then out of the blue, Paul (The Start of “First Semester Me” & First Semester Me Returns) texts me, “Have house if you and Annie wanna come through”. Annie and I burst into laughter trying to figure out if we should go or not, I mean we weren’t doing anything and maybe it would be fun? So we got the address and checked the price for an Uber to his town. We then realized we didn’t have any alcohol, but Annie knew that Paul was desperate for us to come to this party, so we manipulated him into offering up his alcohol. We told him we were thinking of Ubering but then realized we didn’t have alcohol at the moment so we didn’t know if we were going to go anymore, and boy did he respond quickly. He told us he had alcohol for us a that was all we needed to hear. We called up an Uber and drove 30 minutes to this address he gave us. He met us outside and gave us both hugs (which was weird, like we aren’t friends don’t hug us lmao). It was a little awkward at first but not too bad actually. Paul was talking to Annie and I and making decent conversation surprisingly. The other people at the party were really cool too and all talked to us even though we had no idea who they were.

Then I met the kid who lived in the house, Zach. He was cool and started talking to Annie and I. He went to a high school that was in my league and when he found out where I went to high school he immediately asked if I knew a kid named Pat. Um yah, I knew a kid named Pat. Lemme tell you about Pat.

Pat and I went to high school together and had a math class together. That is basically all there is to know about him tbh. Since I was at home – and single 😉 I decided to go on Tinder and see who I could find from my high school for pure entertainment. I matched with a ton of random people from my high school and he was one of them. He then messaged me “After a whole year of talking and flirting with you in math it’s gonna need tinder for me to finally get your number or snapchat. Smh that’s partially my fault”. As soon as I read it I started laughing hysterically, what the fuck was I reading?! I gave in after joking that he wasn’t going to get either, and added him back on snapchat.

So when Zach asked if I knew Pat, I couldn’t help but laugh. Are you kidding me!? What are the fucking odds of that?! So we snap chatted Pat off of my phone a few times. Pat was confused on how we were together but thought it was hilarious and super cool that I was somehow partying with a guy he plays football with at college. What is my life?

Oh and on top of all of that, 2 other girls Paul had fucked were there. It’s funny for me, but I don’t think that the other 2 found it very funny…one was trying to make Paul jealous with another guy, and the other girl didn’t seem too happy that the other girl and I were there.

Also, guys are dumb…like really dumb. Annie is talking to Paul’s roommate, Zayne, again. We were trying to get info out of Paul but he pretended like he didn’t know what we were talking about and like him and Zayne don’t talk…which is complete bullshit lmao the two of them talk about us and we know it but we don’t know their motives, intentions, or what they say. Annie and I keep guessing and it keeps us entertained, but I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next!


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