First Semester Me Returns

So, Kade and I broke up one night, and the next day I was already back to The Start of “First Semester Me”. Literally.

I was at home, and Adam lives about an hour away from me. He offered to drive to pick me up and we could go get lunch. I agreed to it. So at 12 he picked me up. It wasn’t awkward at all even though we had fucked we were totally chill and had plenty to talk about. We went downtown and walked around then went to the other downtown city and had lunch. I thought we were just hanging out and doing whatever but he paid for me which I thought was weird but nice. We sat and ate and then literally talked for 2 and half hours and laughed and actually had a good time. Then he drove me home…and kissed me? lmao what? He leaned over and kissed me and then we kissed some more. I was not expecting that at all. Then I went inside and realized no one was home so he totally could have come inside but it was a little late haha we still snapchat and if he hits me up at college to fuck I’ll probably say sure but nothing more.

Then that night was really where First Semester Me returned….

Paul had been snap chatting and texting me to hang out, he conveniently lives by me too. He wanted to get brunch but I did not want to hang out with him, he has the worst personality and is sooooo bad at conversation. So I was straight up with him and told him that if he was just trying to fuck that was fine and we don’t have to hang out. He claimed he wanted to spend time with me but I kinda ignored that part lol

So anyway, that night he texted me around 11:30 asking if I was free to hang out (aka fuck). I said sure, lied to my parents about where I was going and he picked me up. Paul picked me up around 12:30 am and drove me to his house about 20 minutes away. The car ride was horrible. I felt so uncomfortable and we had nothing to talk about. We have nothing in common and he’s horrible at talking. I was asking the dumbest questions ever just so we wouldn’t be sitting in the car in silence. We got lost and I think we spent about 40 minutes in the car together which is way longer than I would have liked. It seriously felt like an eternity. He told me no one was at his house but I think he was lying. We were quiet going through the side door in his house, and I’m almost positive his parents were home. I shut his door….which didn’t have a lock I might add. The other 2 times we had hooked up I was so drunk, but being sober with him felt so awkward. I was making dumb conversation about the posters in his room of him playing football and the tv, literally anything. He said oh we can watch tv. I wanted to be like LOL WE BOTH KNOW WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DO. But I restrained and played along. We laid in his bed and “watched” Transformers for like 2 minutes before he started making out with me. Then we fucked. He wanted to lay down after and chill and I was like omg I just wanna go home. So I got dressed and he got the hint did the same and we snuck back out his house. The car ride back was painful. It was 20 minutes of me trying to talk about anything again. We finally got home and then I told him thanks for driving and dipped. He snap chatted me the next day but I didn’t respond. I’m done with him and his social talking issues lol. It was whatever but at least I got a good story out of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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