My BIG Lie

Continued from (His BIG Lie)

When I realized how much I hated Kade for what he did and realized how angry and done I was, I reached out to Adam. We had been texting all day and he told me about his frat party. Claire and I went to it and he was texting me to hit him up when I got there. So I did. When I got there we found each other. We were talking and he was giving me drinks.

He asked if I was still with Kade. I thought about it. I thought about how much I hated him and all the horrible things he had done to me. How he had emotionally cheated on me with Sarah. How many times he made me cry. I had been drinking and before I knew it the words “No, we’re not together…right now” came out of my mouth. I said “I don’t know what is going to happen with us though.” And he said “Okay, I just didn’t want to try anything on you if you were still with him.”

Next thing I know, Adam was asking me to take a picture with him so he could post on Instagram. I was so unsure because I didn’t want Kade to see. But Claire and her little and my little were laughing telling me who cares!? Do it! So I took the picture with him and he posted it the next day.

Back inside the party Adam was staying by my side. We were talking and the next thing I knew we were making out in the middle of the party. I knew this was headed in some type of direction that it shouldn’t. But I didn’t care. I didn’t want to be with Kade anymore, I hated him, I knew it was over, and my drinking contributed to my actions. After a while, Adam asked if he should get an Uber back to his house, but he said that it was up to me. At first I said I don’t know…and he respected that. He asked again a little later and this time I agreed. Adam said “Just say the word, and I’ll call the Uber” so I said “Okay, call them”. I went to find Claire to tell her I was leaving with Adam…she looked at me and said “Okay be safe”. She wasn’t Kade’s biggest fan so I think she was a little happy about it all haha.

So, Adam and I left the party and got in the Uber. Walking out of the house there were about 5 guys from his frat standing outside, I knew they all knew what was going down when they saw the 2 of us walk out and get into an Uber. Adam and I got to his house and the first thing I did was ask for more alcohol. If I was going to follow through with this I needed to be completely wasted, not just a little drunk. So I started chugging some fireball he gave me. He was laughing but he was like “Do you really need to be that drunk in order to fuck me?!”

During this event, I turned my location off and told everyone my phone was going to die and that I was at another party. Adam and I fucked and then he wanted me to spend the night. I had told Kade I would be coming home and I would see him that night so I couldn’t do that. I told Adam I had to wake up early the next morning but he begged me to stay and told me he would wake up early and drive me home. Even though he was begging me I told him I had to go and I was going to leave, he offered to buy me an Uber home, but I said I would walk. I needed time to think and get my story straight. Kade was suspicious. All my friends got home yet I was the only one who wasn’t and I wasn’t answering my phone. So I left Adam’s house, and walked the mile home. I got to Kade’s place and he was standing outside with his arms crossed and breathing heavy. He was pissed. I told him I was drunk and needed water (which was true). And I said I would explain everything in his room. I had put a story together about how since I was so drunk I got lost and ended up with at some other party with a girl from one of my classes. He was suspicious so I said, “Fine don’t believe me, I’ll leave whatever, you wanted simplicity Kade and I’m giving you simplicity and you’re making it complicated.” That was a good enough answer for him and I spent the night. It had been less than an hour since I fucked Adam, and the next thing I knew I was fucking Kade. The next day I started to feel guilty but I kept telling myself that I was ending it with Kade anyway and how much I hated him and how he emotionally cheated on me. Adam started snap chatting me and we’ve been snap chatting 24/7 since. I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that I was snap chatting Adam because if Kade saw I wanted him to see I wasn’t hiding that I was talking to Adam as a friend unlike how he hid his talking to anyone that wasn’t me.

One day Kade saw that Adam was snap chatting me and he flipped his shit. He hated him so much from the football game and his reputation but I told Kade we were friends and that he needed to chill out. It caused a huge fight and he was basically giving me the ultimatum that if I didn’t block the guys on every single social media site that he didn’t like then he would break up with me. I never asked Kade to block anyone, and he always told me he would never ask me to do that, yet here he was manipulating me and telling me to delete them all. I didn’t delete them. A few days later we left to go home for break and it was whatever. I was still so livid at him but I acted like I wasn’t. I was unhappy. But I acted okay.


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