Goodbyes are Hard

After a great first year at college it was time for summer and time for some really hard goodbyes. Saying goodbye to dorm life with all of my new best friends was incredibly hard. But one of the hardest goodbyes was to Kade. We knew it meant 3 and a half months of long distance and no seeing each other.

The final weeks leading up to the goodbye there would be times we would lay in bed together and I would begin to think about how hard it was going to be and I would start to cry. He did his best to comfort me, and I knew that as the day approached it was just going to get harder and harder.

Finally the day came that we all had to pack up and leave the dorms. My stuff was gone and my room was empty. Then the goodbyes started. I had been doing a pretty good job of keeping it together although I was sad. But then Kade walked into my room with his suitcase and I lost it. The tears were streaming down my face and we hadn’t even left the building. We got in the car together – our friends were driving us. And half way to the airport I lost it even more and started uncontrollably crying. I never cried, I was not one to cry and I was most definitely not one to cry in front of other people. But I couldn’t hold it in any longer. We got to the airport and he hugged our friends goodbye, and then it was my turn. We hugged while I hysterically cried and I could feel him trying to hold it all in. We said I love you and kissed and I watched him walk into the airport doors with his suitcase knowing that I wouldn’t see him for over 3 months and that long distance had begun. I got back in the car and continued to cry. The day didn’t get any easier as I had to say good bye to all of my other friends as well. Eventually the day was coming to a close and I got in the car with my parents and they drove me back to the hotel. I never imagined I would feel so sad leaving my friends and first year of college behind but it was by far one of the saddest days I had encountered.


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