Aaaaand hello again!

After a long 3 and a half months away from college, my friends, and Kade, I finally got to see them again. It was mid August and I was so fucking excited. It felt weird to be around everyone again and it was strange to be around Kade again after months of texting and FaceTiming it felt so good to know that was over and that we could just do us in person again. But something felt so off, I think a lot of our feelings were gone but we were forcing them to come back. But 3 months is a long time to be apart from someone.

The next night we went to our friends house for a reunion and to all get drunk together. We planned on getting fucked up on Four Lokos (which then became our go to for quite some time). When we walked in the door Brian (Same Situation, New Guy) was there because he was friends with some of my friends. It really didn’t bother me too much as we hadn’t talked and I was over that whole situation as it had happened almost a year ago and I had a great boyfriend in my life now. But I knew that when Kade showed up he would not be happy about it at all, so I texted him but it was too late he had just arrived and saw Brian and flipped out.

He did not like seeing any guys from my past at all no matter the situation or time. He kept saying that we needed to leave and get out of there as fast as we could. I brought Kade outside and talked to him to calm him down, eventually Brian left anyway so it ended up being okay and Kade and I got to enjoy the rest of the night with our friends and get drunk off of Four Lokos.


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