April Fools!

April 1st was a rollercoaster of emotions for both me and Kade. Everyone knows that April 1st is April Fools Day and you’re supposed to play pranks on people. Minus one event, April 1st was not a good day – for me or for Kade, in fact, we’ve already agreed that no April Fools jokes are allowed whatsoever next time, no matter how small or how minor they might be.

It actually started on the night of March 31st and at midnight on April 1st. I decided it would be fun to play a prank on Kade. I had consulted with our friends about some ideas and thought that the easiest and funniest would be to tell him I was pregnant. Wow bad prank lemme tell ya.

The night of March 31st I decided to start acting a little weird around Kade and be a little distant so he would think something was up. It was working because he was telling Tony about how he was freaking out. At exactly midnight I brought him to the common room in our dorm and told him I was pregnant. I saw the look on his face and knew it was not funny and was not going to go over well so I immediately said “Just kidding just kidding! April Fools!” But the damage had been done. He was freaking out for quite some time but he eventually calmed down.

At this point we were laying in my bed relaxing and just talking. Then he looked at me and I could tell he was nervous yet again. He said, “I don’t want you to think I’m across to strong or to early….but….I’m falling in love with you.” I smiled and responded with a simple “me too”.

Then, even later that night we had gone up to his room to go to bed after hanging out with the DLC again. While laying in bed he kept telling me how much he liked me, and I said I liked him too, he said “I want to try saying something…..I love you…”. I sat in silence for a minute thinking and then I said it back.

The next day was April 1st, so April Fools Day was still going on but I didn’t even think twice about it. My biggest fear is bugs. It goes so far that I will literally cry and hyperventilate because of bugs, and everyone knows it. But he had told me he promised that he would not prank me with any bugs. He told me that he has received a care package from his family and there was something in there for me. I was suspicious but was like okay whatever.

I got back to my place and asked if he wanted me to come upstairs to get the package, but he told me no he would come down to my place. That really should have been my first hint since we always hung out at his place. He gave me a small box that was wrapped in wrapping paper. I unwrapped it and looked at the box I had no idea what was inside of it and I even said right then and there “if there are bugs in here I’m going to be pissed” but he insisted he had no idea what was in the box and that it was from his family. I opened the box to find what felt like a million crickets, I screamed and threw the box as far as I could jumped up on the couch, and ran out of the room screaming and swearing. I was beyond livid. I could not believe he would pull a stunt like that and now there were live crickets in my dorm suite!

After a while I had calmed down but was still pissed the fuck off. He told me that there were only 5 crickets in the box and that they had counted 5 that they killed so I was safe and clear to go back to my room. I felt like something was off because I swore that when I opened the box there were more than 5 crickets but he insisted that they only put 5 in the box.

Later that night, a few friends and I were chilling in my room when we started to hear a noise…a chirping noise….the noise a cricket makes. Sure enough we found a cricket. Now I was mad, I knew that there were more than 5 crickets in that box. For the next 3 days we found crickets everywhere, even in my roommates bedrooms and shoes. People were even finding crickets on other floors of our building. Turns out Kade had bought over 20 crickets, and some died, some disappeared, some got lost, etc. So he really had no idea how many were in the box. One cricket even got stuck in our wall so for about a week we could hear the chirp of a cricket but couldn’t do anything about it until it died. I refused to sit on the couch for the rest of the year, and I slept in Kade’s bed for basically the rest of the year because I was so terrified of finding more crickets.

We’ve already agreed no more pranks for either of us ever, because what we both thought were two innocent pranks turned out going way wrong. Sure we had both played awful pranks on each other that day, but at least one good thing did come out of it..


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