How It All Changed

Like I said before, “First Semester Me” (The Start of “First Semester Me”) had ended pretty much after Halloweeekend. I had calmed down a lot but was still going out and having fun, but a more appropriate amount.

Our sorority formal was coming up in March but we had to have our dates on a list by mid February. Annie had a boyfriend and he was flying down to our school to go to it with her, so she was all set. Claire had just started talking to this guy, we’ll call him Alex, so she was going to ask him to formal. I was stuck. Sure I had a lot of guys from my past, and I knew numerous guys that would go with me, but I wanted to WANT to take them to my formal so I would have a good time. I even went as far as to list any guy that was a possibility and make a pro and con list for every guy with the help of Claire and Annie.

There was one guy in my building who was best friends with Alex, and in our DLC group who had told a few of our friends that he was low key into me. I was scared and unsure, but he was sooooo nice and I knew that I would have a fun time with him. Plus it was so convenient that he was roommates with Alex so we could all be together and have a good time. On top of that everyone was trying to convince me to ask him and telling me it would be a good time. I knew everyone was right so I made my decision and decided that I would ask him to formal….as friends. So Claire and I asked them to formal on Friday, February 12th. I was so relieved that I had my date situation figured out and I knew that I would have a lot of fun with him.

Since it was so close to Valentine’s Day, one of the frats was throwing a dance downtown. Of course, our whole DLC friend group went together. Claire and I were nervous because now we had this dance to go to, but we had just asked 2 guys to formal and we didn’t know what was going to happen or what to expect. Obviously we would dance with them at formal, so should we just dance with them at this dance too? Claire and I talked about it and decided that was best and hoped that they would want to as well. On the other hand (I found this out later) the boys were freaking out and weren’t sure if we would want to dance with them. They weren’t sure what to do, but I guess we all just went in open minded and waiting to see what would happen.

We pregamed for the dance (of course) but Claire and I were so nervous and by the time that we got to the dance our drunk had worn off quite a bit. Everyone was dancing and it looked like a fun time inside. I decided to make the hint that Claire and I wanted to dance with the boys so I told them that we wanted to dance. But I guess I wasn’t clear enough for them. So  over at the dance floor the guys were just dancing around and being silly – that is not what Claire and I meant by we wanted to dance. So I decided to give them another hint, I told them that we wanted to go dance in the middle. I figured that should be straight forward enough since the middle was where everyone was grinding and dancing on each other. But still, they didn’t get it. So we were in the middle of the dance floor and Claire and I were just standing there unsure of what to do next while the guys just danced around. Obviously I wasn’t getting the hint across so I gave up grabbed my guys shirt, Kade, pulled him to my ear and told him “oh my god just grind with me”. I will never forget the look on his face or his reaction. He finally had the green light and immediately started dancing with me. The night continued and we were having a good time together. Somehow we ended up holding hands through the entire night. The DLC noticed and they were excited about it.

I was so confused and had no idea what was going on or what to think. We held hands the entire night, the bus ride back to campus, the walk back to our dorms, sitting on the couch together, everything we did our hands were glued together. I was happy with it but still just didn’t know what to think or what it meant. So, that night I decided to just be straight up and ask him. I asked him what was going on and what “this” (our hand holding) meant. Was this just gunna be a tonight thing and then tomorrow we forget it happened? Was it the start of something? What was going on? I could tell as soon as I asked he got really nervous and didn’t know how to answer. I guess that was my bad for putting so much pressure on him to answer a question like that, he was probably just as confused as I was about what was happening. At first he pretended like he didn’t understand my question. But after sitting together a few minutes longer he came up with a response. He told me he liked “this” and he was happy with how the night went and that we should just see where it would go. I was more than content with that answer and I smiled and agreed with him. And now (almost 9 months later) he is my boyfriend and best friend. We use the 12th as our anniversary, even though we were not official until a little bit later, our “thing” began February 12th so we decided to go by that date.


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