Drink Up – It’s Valentine’s Day

February 14th. Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship it’s great. If you’re single and surrounded by couples it sucks. If you’re in that in between stage it’s even worse. And that’s exactly where Claire and I were at with our boys.

We were just gunna have a fun girls night and drink and hang out and go to a party that night. However, the boys had this big elaborate plan to surprise us with a bunch of gifts. Kade and I had only been talking for 2 days so I was not expecting anything at all for Valentine’s Day, and Claire and Alex had been talking for little bit longer but was also not expecting anything. Luckily the guys told my roommates and everyone else the plan, so Claire and I got warned about the situation.

Claire and I immediately started freaking out because we had no idea how to handle a situation like this and no guys had ever been so nice to us before. We were incredibly nervous and scared and knew we had to act surprised and like nothing was happening. But we couldn’t handle the pressure and knew we would both be so awkward. So we decided to get drunk – at 2 in the afternoon. We felt a lot better and like we could handle the situation, we were laughing and having a good time and knew we wouldn’t be awkward anymore, alcohol = confidence.

So we were taken upstairs a few floors to see the guys and once we got out of the elevator they were both standing there with flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, sparkling cider, and posters asking us to be their Valentines. screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-42-52-pm(Side note: Kade gave me a whole cart of ramen because I ate it literally every day and he knew I was obsessed #college) Claire and I thought it was cute and were laughing, and the boys looked at us and then realized we were drunk. I don’t think they quite knew how to react to that. Kade helped me bring everything to my room and then we were standing in the hallway for a little bit. I could tell he was super nervous and was about to say something to me. He kept stumbling with his words, but eventually he asked if I would want to go to dinner with him that night, obviously I said yes.

I was so nervous, and was worried we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. But in the back of my mind I knew that wasn’t true because we had been staying up till 3 am talking about anything and everything. I was right I had nothing to worry about. We walked to dinner and once again our hands were practically glued together. We didn’t run out of stuff to talk about at all and it was a really fun time. On the walk back he wanted to stop down by the river. So we went down to the river and looked at the river and the sky and stood together in peace. Then I was leaning up against him and I could hear his heart pounding really fast, and I knew he was gunna kiss me. I kept looking up at him (he’s a full foot taller than me) and then looking away because I was nervous too. But then he just leaned in and kissed me and we stood by the river (me on my tippy toes) kissing. Then we walked back to the dorms and hung out for a little. All of my girl friends were going out to a party at the Pi Kapp house so Twin and I decided to go with them.

We showed up but Claire and I just weren’t having a good time so we decided to go back to the dorms and hang out with the guys.


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