Caught & In Trouble

It was getting close to the end of the year and the DLC was just having another one of our nights in the dorms. We were all drinking and had red solo cups out and were playing drinking games with cards. Our guy friend down the hall, we’ll call him Tony, had just bought a drink mixing set and brought it over to our suite to show it to us. It was just sitting on a table in our common room, we weren’t using it (yet lol). We were playing music and laughing and having a good time just like we always do.

But then out of the blue, the RAs (Resident Assistants – aka the narks that ruin your fun) came to our door and knocked. Someone looked through the peep hole and said it’s the RAs, we almost always said that as a joke but this time it was serious. So we quickly tried to hide everything that we could, but we had to to it fast as we couldn’t keep the RAs waiting at the door or it would be suspicious. We were literally throwing full red solo cups behind the couch and hiding bottles of alcohol under the couch and moving the cards so it wasn’t obvious we were playing a drinking game. When the door opened, one of my roommates was in the process of moving the drink mixer set and accidentally knocked the shot glass over. It very obviously made a noise and rolled across the floor in plain site of the RAs. They definitely knew what was up, but asked us what we were doing anyway. Tony was at the door and told them we were just chilling and hanging out. They told us our music was too loud so we said no problem and that we would turn it down hoping that they would leave. When we told them we hadn’t been drinking they didn’t believe us and they asked if they could come in. The easiest thing to do in this situation is say yes, or higher level administrators get involved.

So we let the RAs in and prayed that they wouldn’t find our alcohol. We still had some red solo cups out but luckily they were empty. Tony had just arrived and he hadn’t started drinking yet. In fact he was the only sober one there. He had gone to our little convenience store in the dorms and grabbed a cup with some soda and filled the rest with alcohol. One of the RAs saw that cup was full and asked what was in it, Tony quickly responded with “lemonade from the convenience store”. Which would have been an okay answer….if the convenience store even sold lemonade. The RA was immediately suspicious and asked to smell the drink. At that point we knew we were all fucked. He smelled it and said “Yah…there is alcohol in here.” The RAs then asked us to place all alcohol in the middle of the room, and if we didn’t and they found more we would get in even more trouble. But there was no way in hell that we were giving our alcohol up that easily. So we all sat in silence and claimed that Tony was the only one with alcohol. The RAs took all of our IDs and wrote us up. It was a long process we all had to go to one of the deans and explain what happened. Every one of us who had to go met up before our individual meetings to make sure that our stories lined up. Since Tony was going to get in trouble no matter he took the fall for all of us and claimed he was the only one with alcohol. Luckily, after all of our meetings we all got out of it and were not prosecuted by the school with their drinking penalties.

After that we all agreed to keep it more low key in the dorms so we wouldn’t get caught again – after all they had their eyes on us now.


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