This story doesn’t exactly have to do with me, it has to do with Claire, but it’s so funny that it is worth putting in here.

Claire was low key talking to Kevin but was still pretty unsure about him. He was crazy and drank so much but he was also a lot of fun to be around so she was conflicted.

One night, Claire, Annie, and I were just minding our own business hanging out and chilling together on a couch. Kevin had been snap chatting Claire pics of him and his friends drinking and partying, and she was showing them all to us for fun. A little while later, Claire got a snapchat from him – but this time it was a video. So she called us over, turned up the volume all the way, and we leaned in expecting some funny drinking video of him with his friends.

Once the snapchat video was opened, the first thing we saw was a toilet, we were confused but kept watching. Then we saw a stream of liquid. We were starting to get skeptical but thought it might be a joke and be from a water bottle or something. Boy were we wrong. Because the next thing we saw was his dick. Peeing.

All of our jaws dropped, and we all started screaming and laughing. Claire was so taken aback that she literally chucked her phone across the room while Annie and I were in tears from laughter. We laughed and cried and screamed for about 2o minutes. After that, Claire made her decision to stop talking to Kevin, but we will never forget that snapchat and we will never stop referring to him as SurpriseDickKevin.


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