Party Foul – Cops

My partying had slown down after Halloweekend. I think Halloweekend was enough partying to last me a while. Plus we had Thanksgiving and Christmas Break to mellow down a bit.

It was the end of January and the DLC and I had heard about this 80’s themed party at one of the frats, AKL. There were quite a few of us and we all dressed up and walked over since it was right off campus. Most of us were holding bottles that we had made mixed drinks in. This party was supposed to be huge and AKL had made it an event on Facebook, so tons of people knew about it. We were walking over to the house and could hear the music all the way down the street, see flashing lights, and a few cop cars driving around. We were trying our best to keep our cool and not make our bottles obvious. A cop was driving by us and shined the light on my friends and I. I sped up and walked ahead with some of my others friends, but Claire and Annie got talked to by the cops. Luckily, since they were honest about the alcohol in their cup they were just told to dump it out and go home. They were pretty freaked and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with cops either. So we ended up ditching our alcohol, booking it out of there, and going back to the dorms to chill for the rest of the night. Not long after we left, we heard that the cops shut down the party anyway, luckily we weren’t there for that.


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