Messed Up Mondays

At this point in the semester I had met two girls from my sorority who lived across the hall from me, we became instant best friends, Claire and Annie. There was a guy that was in to one of my friends, she looks just like me in pictures and our lives line up way more than we like to admit, so I call her Twin (that’s Claire). We’re gunna call that guy that was into her Kevin. (SurpriseDickGuy). So anyway, he was into Claire, and he had a roommate that Kevin was saying I could come meet. So one random Monday night the boys at that suite invited Claire, Annie, and I to come over for what they called “Messed Up Mondays”.

Messed Up Monday was just their excuse to get drunk af and have fun on a Monday night to start their week. It was laid back at first, Claire and I had a few shots and then Claire Annie, and I took turns being on teams to play beer pong (side note: we found out we were really good at it and killed the boys in every game). Kevin was downing beers like no other. He had a beer bong and had already gone through 3 back to back. Then he went outside and puked….and rallied…and downed 3 more. Although Claire, Annie, and I were so grossed out we were rather impressed that he could puke and rally so easily. And that was just one of our few Messed Up Mondays.


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