Halloweekend 2k15

It was finally Halloweekend. The weekend in college that everyone lives for. It’s everyone’s favorite weekend. In the words of Cady from Mean Girls “In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” That could not be more accurate. Especially in college. Everyone dresses up and goes out and parties multiple days in a row – thus Halloweekend.

Thursday – It started on a Thursday night. Claire and I dressed up as cops and Annie dressed up as a robber, we had school the next day but there was a huge party going on at the Sigma Chi house so we decided to take the L and go out. We pregamed in the dorms and then made our way outside in the cold to the Sigma Chi house. It was lit, tons of people were there and everyone was dressed up. We only got a little drunk since we had class the next day but we had planned to go hard the next few days. Halloweekend had officially begun and we couldn’t wait for it to continue.

Friday – This is where Halloweekend really took off. I was a firefighter with some girls in our friend group, black shorts, white top, red suspenders, and a red firefighters hat. We pregamed once again at the dorms and then took off to a frat party at TKE. By the end of the night I had drank over 1/4th of a handle of peach vodka and was pretty fucked up. Remember the guy from The Start of “First Semester Me” that helped bring me home by holding my hand? Yah, I danced with him for over 2 hours apparently. Definitely do not remember that at all. I dropped my phone A LOT and kept losing my hat. By the time it was time to go, Claire and Annie literally had to drag and carry me out of the house because I was so drunk that I couldn’t stand and was falling on the floor…oops lol. I left my firefighters hat inside the house and once we got outside I realized it was missing and was apparently very upset about it and kept complaining. So I made Claire go inside the house and get it for me, when she came back outside with it I looked at her and said “You could have just left it there I don’t care”. I don’t remember much of that night but boy do I hear stories about it.

Saturday – Saturday was the biggest shit show of that weekend. Claire and I especially took a lot of L’s. I was an army chick with a few other girls and Claire and Annie were sailors. We pregamed again in the dorms, and then went to the Lax House. We were having a good time there partying and talking with people. And that was the last thing I remember. Everything I’m about to write has been told to me from numerous different people as I have no clue what happened. I remember waking up the next day and thinking about how fun the night before was at the Lax House, I was scrolling through pictures on my phone and then realized I had no idea where half of my pictures were taken or where I had seen the people in my pictures. I was trying so hard to remember what I had done or where we had gone but I just couldn’t remember. But I’ll explain what I’ve been told. I was grinding on numerous numerous numerous guys, and made out with 3 of them. Claire actually made out with one of the guys I did also….There was a guy in a bear costume and one of his arms was around me and his other arm was around Claire, and he was taking turns making out with both of us. Classy. Oh, and people were taking videos and sendiscreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-4-26-55-pmng them around – so yah we got confronted about that eventually. Once again once it was time to leave I was basically carried out of the house with Claire by our friends. On the walk home drunk me fell and totally fucked up my knee. But I was so drunk that I 1. Didn’t even know and 2. Felt no pain from it at all. But the next few weeks I was definitely feeling the pain from that fall.

Overall Halloweekend was a weekend to remember – or not haha but it was one of the best weekend of college and ever since then I’ve been ready for the next one.


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