December Birthday Weekend

Wednesday Night @ Midnight/Thursday – It was my birthday Dec 10th, it was the middle of the week but hey it was my birthday we had to celebrate somehow. So my friends and I all took a shot together. And then 2 of my other friends and I took 5 shots together and then just went to bed – I slept surprisingly well that night 😉

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-5-10-01-pmFriday – My friend group had named ourselves the DLC. There were numerous LLCs in the dorms. LLC stood for Learning Living Community and there were certain floors that were LLCs made up of people with similar interests – like business, leadership, engineering, etc. So my friend group and I decided out common interest was drinking, and the DLC (Drinking Living Community) was born. So the DLC was all going out to a Christmas party at the Hockey House. We had a full duffle bag filled with Mikes Hard Lemonade. The party had jungle juice and one of our friends even stole a few bottles of alcohol from the party without anyone knowing. Oh, and Brian (Same Situation, New Guy) was at that party, and I got him to change the music from Christmas music to actual party music and turn it up.

Saturday – We had so much fun the night before that we decided to have another DLC night – there were about 15 of us there in our dorm suite. I got really drunk along with everyone elsescreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-5-30-54-pm and one of our guy friends and I ended up blacking out. We both threw up and that was my first time throwing up from alcohol – cool something to cross off my bucket list and hopefully never do again (lol I wish). Finally, a few months into college I learned my limits. 15 shot
s will do the trick and make me puke, so I like to stop at 14. Lscreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-5-10-59-pmike I said, the whole DLC was drunk af and we all drunk texted each other in our group chat and read it the next day when we were finally sober after a long weekend.




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