The Start of “First Semester Me”

I didn’t ask for it, and I definitely didn’t think it would become a part of me like it has. It started the first weekend of college. Not move in weekend, but the first official weekend of college. I was stoked. Finally away from my parents. Finally independent. Finally free to do what I want when I want. Or so I thought.

My first week of college had gone pretty well, I had a decent class schedule and had already met some pretty cool people. I met a guy who was in one of my classes twice a week, he seemed cool and even went to a high school right by me. We’re gunna call him Paul.

It was a Thursday night and he invited me to come hang out with him and his roommates, so I brought one of my old high school friends and we hung out for the night. He seemed fun, charming, and popular, but I could tell there was a little douche bag side to him that hadn’t quite come out yet. But I didn’t care, it was attractive in a way that I knew it shouldn’t be.

Obviously he thought the night before had gone well, because the next night (Friday) he invited me to come “turn up” with him and a couple of friends. I hadn’t made too many friends yet since it was just the first week, so I took him up on his offer and brought my same high school friend along with me. It was me, my high school friend, Guy1, his roommate, and some girl. The guys had pregamed a little and the girl drove us to the local fair that was around. It was a chill night, we walked around, and actually had a good time.

After a while, we drove back to campus and went back to the guys dorms, this time though there were a few more people  – the rest of his roommates, and a few random people from his floor. I made myself a mixed drink, vodka and sprite…I’m pretty sure (typical). I definetly didn’t know my limits yet. I kept drinking more and more and got pretty fucked up. We were playing dumb games, like Would You Rather, Ten Fingers, and Truth or Dare. It was my turn and I chose truth. But my high school friend knew I was low key interested in Paul and wanted to make things interesting. She kept trying to convince me to pick dare until I eventually gave in. At this point in the night I knew that there was no way I was going to remember any of this tomorrow. I can put together pretty much everything from the stories I’ve been told and the parts that I do remember. Anyway, she dared me to go do 7 Minutes in Heaven with Paul. Even though I was drunk I still couldn’t believe she did that, after all I had class with this kid! But he grabbed me by the hand and took me into his room. I remember barely being able to walk and laughing so hard at the situation, but then we started making out. The 7 minutes were up, and people were pounding on the door but we just kept at it. He wanted to do more but I laughed and said no because all of our friends were right outside. We walked out and sat on the couch, he had his arm around me and I continued to drink more. Truth or Dare was still going on and I was doing stupid things like licking light switches, and dancing around.

I could barely stand, walk, or talk, so my high school friend decided to bring me back to my place before things got any worse. One of Paul’s friends helped bring me back by holding my hand to act like a couple in order to keep me upright and to stop me from falling. I stumbled into my dorm, running into walls and woke up my 2 roommates. Luckily, they weren’t mad and thought it was hilarious. I was telling them about my night and drunkinly dancing around. Paul texted me asking if I was okay and if I wanted him to come over. With the help of my roommates, we responded with a simple yes. So he showed up drinking water and pretty sober. I on the other hand was still dancing around drunk like an idiot. After a while of them watching me be dumb I apparently grabbed his hand said “C’mon” and brought him in my room and locked the door. And that’s the story of how I lost my virginity, and how “First Semester Me” began.

The funny part of the story is that he left condoms at my place – that I ended up using with other guys. He asked if I had a condom and I said no, after all I was a virgin, but I told him that there were some down the hall in the bathroom in a dispenser, so I gave him so quarters I had in my room and he put on a shirt and went on his way. He came back a few minutes later and said he couldn’t find any so he decided to run to his place across the way outside to grab some. He finally came back with a handful of condoms and we had sex. After he left I wasn’t sure what to do with the condoms so I just stashed them in my desk drawer. But hey, I was prepared for the next times!


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