Not my Drama, Not my Problem

Another weekend, another story. I went to Derek’s house again and pregamed and smoked with some friends before going to a party at the Lax House. We showed up partied, and after a while decided to go back to the dorms.

Back at the dorms I was hanging out with Tyler, (No, I don’t have Jungle Fever) Tyler’s roommate, and some friends. When no one was around I ended up making out with Tyler’s roommate for quite some time.

I’m gunna backtrack a bit. A little while after I (and numerous other girls) hooked up with Tyler, someone came to visit him as a surprise….his girlfriend. Everyone was shocked, we couldn’t believe this guy had a girlfriend! He had been hooking up with girls left and right and had never mentioned or showed any sign of having a girl friend. So when she showed up by surprise, shit went down. She found out that he had been cheating on her, but she had been cheating on him as well (or so he claims). So there was a huge blowout with that and she bought a plane ticket back home the next day. Breakup #1.

After Tyler’s roommate left, I was hanging out with Tyler in his room. I had heard so many stories about this whole girlfriend situation, so I decided to ask him about it myself. He said it was done and over and the only reason that he had been cheating on her was because he knew that she was cheating on him as well – still not a good reason. (Side Note: I was drunk.) After that conversation was over, Tyler was getting flirty and touchy with me and asked if I remembered what happened last time and if I wanted to do it again. So yah, drunk me said yes again. So we had sex again. We were in the process of putting our clothes back on, when Tyler’s roommate came back and was drunkingly pounding on the door for Tyler to let him back in. Tyler didn’t want him to know what had just happened so while I was putting my clothes back on, Tyler pretended like he was sick and throwing up to buy us some time. But his roommate definitely knew what was up. There had been previous situations where Tyler’s roommate was already fed up with him, but this was the last straw. He was mad that Tyler was lying to him about it. So once Tyler finally let him in the room they started to fight and Tyler’s roommate pulled out his laptop and put in a roommate change request right then and there. And that was Breakup #2.


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