Same Situation, New Guy

The first two weeks went flying by. Here I was already my second weekend of college! And already with my second guy…

It started off as a casual drinking night in the dorms with my roommates and friends. Two guys showed up and they were just chilling and drinking with us having a good time. After a while they left and it was back to all girls. Paul (see previous post – The Start of “First Semester Me”) and his friends were having a movie night over at there place. So I showed up with the girl across the hall from me, and a guy down the hall. I was not only drunk af, but the only one there who was drunk. I felt like such an idiot and everyone must have thought I was crazy, as the only times they had ever seen me I was belligerently drunk off my ass.

After not too long, I got some snapchats from one of the guys who had been over earlier, we’re gunna call him Brian. He said he was coming back to the dorms and wanted to know if I wanted to meet up. Drunk me said sure and then he asked if he could just spend the night, once again, drunk me said yes. So I left the dorms I was at, headed back to my place and let Brian in.

Back at my place, I continued to drink more. I was sitting on Brian’s lap, taking his hat and putting it on, being dumb and being drunk. Eventually everyone started heading off to bed, and he came with me to mine. Big mistake. We were drunk and we had sex. I woke up with the biggest and darkest hickey I’ve ever seen. Oh here’s a pic for proof.

I couldn’t believe it. It was only week 2 and my body count was already 2. Was this trend going to continue? A new guy every week? Was this who I had become? I didn’t want to be that person, but I felt like it just happened. I woke up with immediate regret and just wanted him out of my place ASAP. He finally left at about 1:30 in the afternoon, and I had my high school friend come over and cover my hickey with makeup, and we went to lunch and talked. After that, I took it a little bit easier with guys – but not with the drinking 😉



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