No, I don’t have Jungle Fever

This is when my midweek partying started. It was a Wednesday night, but I didn’t have class the next day until 3 so I could afford to stay out late. I was hanging out in the dorms with these 2 guys. We’re gunna call them Tyler, and Tyler’s roommate. Tyler was half black and really hot, everyone thought so. He invited me to come to a party in another section of the dorm to get drunk, he already had a beer so we went back to my dorm quickly to grab a water bottle filled with vodka. By the end of the night, I drank the whole bottle of vodka by myself minus about 3 shots. So I was pretty wasted.

We were in some kids room with cool lights and loud music, there weren’t too many people there but we were all having a good time anyway. We were just talking and then all of a sudden Tyler grabbed my face and started making out with me. I was surprised but went along with it anyway. After a little, he pulled back and whispered to me asking if I wanted to go somewhere else. And yep – drunk me said yes again (quite the pattern I had going on). So we went back to my place since I had my own room and had sex. Then he asked if I wanted to come back with him to his place so I did. Then we drank more at his place and had sex again 2 more times. It got pretty late so I said peace and went back to my dorm. Tyler was definitely a man whore, he got around to a lot of different girls, and I knew that soon everyone on his floor would know what we had done.


2 thoughts on “No, I don’t have Jungle Fever

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