It started out as such a fun night, it really did. My friends and I had bought cheap tickets to the SoMo concert, and we were so excited. It was downtown close by campus, so we pregamed and walked right over. It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. But after the concert, my friend and I wanted something to do – a party to go to, an adventure, anything.

There was a guy in one of my classes, we’ll call him Brad. He seemed cool enough at first, but then he started snapchatting me nonstop, texting me multiple times a day, and calling me daily. He always wanted me to come over and “hang out” or meet his friends or whatever. It was ridiculous and incredibly annoying. But I couldn’t block him or anything like that because he was in my group for a project in our class, so I just dealt with it.

So anyway, he told me about this party that I could go to so I brought my friend. screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-3-57-48-pmI made a lot of bad decisions that night. The first one was getting in his car. He had definetly been drinking that night and shouldn’t have been driving. But my friend and I had been drinking also so we weren’t making the best decisions either. He brought us to some party that turned out to be really lame, so he drove us to another. There were a lot of people there but I didn’t know or recognize any of them. He was all over me the entire night.

Eventually my friend decided to leave, and I was left with Brad. He told me he would take me home, and once again I let him drive me. But he wasn’t taking me home. He was driving us to his place. I remember being drunk but knowing that I didn’t want to go to his place and that I just wanted to go back. So I called my old high school friend on the phone and tried my best to explain the situation. But Brad grabbed the phone out of my hand and started yelling at her on the phone. They were arguing, and she was telling him to bring me back to the dorms and he kept saying he had it under control and that he would take me to his place. Eventually I lied and told him I just needed to go back to grab my key to my dorm and then he could take me back to his place and so he agreed. So he dropped me off and I ran to the dorms got my key from my friends, called him on the phone and told him I wasn’t coming back out. That was the best decision I made all night.



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