One weekend my same high school friend and I decided to turn up together in Chaffee. It was fun, and a guy from my high school who was a few years older than me told me about this party off campus that we should go to. So, I took my high school friend, another girl, and a guy from one of my classes we’ll call him Cameron. He was low-key into me and we were in the class together that I had with Paul. screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-3-34-17-pm

We showed up at the party, and it was probably the most sketchiest party that I have ever been to. There were people passed out on the couch and on the floor, and some kids were playing beer pong, but instead of beer, every cup was filled with something different so you had no idea what you were drinking. On top of that, the place was disgusting. After staying for a little, realizing how sketchy it really was we made the decision to leave. I was still drunk and Cameron, some other guy, and I went down by the river near our school and smoked some weed. I was way crossed but I just went back to my dorm and chilled the rest of the night. The night went by quickly, it was fun but I never went back to that house again.


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