Once a Savage, Always a Savage

So the weekend had begun and it was a Friday night. Claire, Claire’s little, and I decided that we were going to a frat party that night. The theme was EDM Daughters and Disappointed Fathers. We weren’t super drunk for it, but it was still fun surprisingly enough. I made out with a guy in […]

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Finally. Back “home” at college. I could not be more excited to be back. It was Annie’s birthday, and the guy she was talking to, Zayne (who is roommates with Paul lol), said we could come over for a kick it at their place. There was a football game going on so we were supposed […]

New Year, Same Mistakes

It all started with Annie and I sitting on the couch watching TV…on fucking New Years Eve. There was nothing going on in my town, and we had nothing to do. Then out of the blue, Paul (The Start of “First Semester Me” & First Semester Me Returns) texts me, “Have house if you and Annie wanna […]

First Semester Me Returns

So, Kade and I broke up one night, and the next day I was already back to The Start of “First Semester Me”. Literally. I was at home, and Adam lives about an hour away from me. He offered to drive to pick me up and we could go get lunch. I agreed to it. So […]

My BIG Lie

Continued from (His BIG Lie) When I realized how much I hated Kade for what he did and realized how angry and done I was, I reached out to Adam. We had been texting all day and he told me about his frat party. Claire and I went to it and he was texting me […]

His BIG Lie

Like I said before, a little white lie never hurt anyone, it’s the big lies that end up being the problem. And once you start one lie, you have to start coming up with others to cover the original lie, and it just gets worse and worse. One day after I had a long and tiring […]